The country of Killemgood had a slight problem; they had too many old people amongst their population. These gasping geriatrics were sucking up all the country’s funds and were sitting on bank loads of non-functioning cash. After a lifetime of productivity, they decided to kick back, do nothing, and collect the kool-aid that their legislators enacted when they were healthy bucks and does. As their health subsided, they also put the tit of cheap health care in their mouths and nursed away. This created a financial burden on Killemgood’s national budget where they were spending about a third of it on weapons, armies, experimental armageddon, and the maintenance of all the above. Seeing as how the old toads were now exempt from military conscription, it didn’t pay to start a war to thin the herd because they weren’t going to be there. They just sat around and read a lot, thus informing themselves as to what the hell was really going on. This pissed off the new policy makers because the old fogeys were not pushing much of their life savings into their election campaigns. Being vocal through think tanks and special interest groups, they were upsetting the apple tank and had to go. Looking through their arsenals to see if they had a nasty eliminator laying around, they found that their newest weapon could be modified to drive the near dead over the cliffs of Bye-Bye. It was the viral research labs that came up with the COPAY VIRUS. Infecting the wheezers was simple; just wait for them to utilize their medical endowments and infect them with a tainted receipt for their copay amount. As the old sheep huddled together, the virus jumped from victim to victim by matching their entry plungers onto old cell structure’s receptors. It worked. The old farts were dying and their enormous net worths were redirected to stupid offspring who had no concept of value. The politicians were pouring the concrete trucks of cash into the formwork of the rich and greedy. B.A.U. 

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