In the late 20th Century, there has been a movement to alter the status quo and bring about change into the way we address groups or individuals that have labels no longer acceptable today. An example of this is the word N****R. Derived from French, Spanish, and Portuguese words that means the color black, with its roots in Latin (nigrum), this word, which existed in many forms of literature, had until the 1960’s, many different meanings, but usually a derogatory slur for various ethnic groups. The civil rights movement pushed to have the word labeled as taboo and in the next 50 years, most journalists and writers abandoned its use out of respect. The 2006 documentary, “Guilty or Innocent of using the N Word,” shows the history of the word, and its current status as a stress adjective in hip hop and rap music, acceptable (dependent), only when vocalized by black people. It has disappeared from public speech and surfaces only in private conversations. In reality, N****R is not a color, it is an attitude. Regardless of the skin color of the individual, unfavorable behaviors, and beliefs as viewed by others, will continue to keep the word in existence no matter how you spell it. It is brain chemistry and not skin pigmentation. African Americans are distraught by the word and understandably so when looking at their repressive history in the world. The BLACK LlVES MATTER movement is a justifiable demonstration to the current police/black interactions and definitely needs an overhaul. This will not happen overnight. The Vietnam War with all its atrocities and public outcry for stopping it, took ten years and millions of lives to terminate. In the current state of affairs, a war exists in the black/black interactions and around 90% of black homicides are caused by blacks. This movement describes the gruesome physics of a high-speed projectile fired from a gun by a black person into the tissue and bone of their brethren. It is: BLACK LIVES SPLATTER. 

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