The rooster or male chicken has been revered since the days of the ancient Egyptians, who imported them for cock fighting. Human males are fascinated by creatures with stoic courage and depthless determination. Even African lions have been observed backing down from a rambunctious rooster hell bent on climbing to the top of the pecking order. The new strain of intelligent cocks, bred out of the mistakes of the pompous purveyors of humanity, are destined to be their downfall. These Supercocks have quickly mastered the art of war and have launched an attack on the Elite. Using the old human strategy of throwing poor, uneducated soldiers of one nation against the penniless, illiterate troopers of another regime to fight their battles, the outcome is determined by courage and weapon sophistication. The Supercocks understand safety in numbers and have unleashed the mass assaults of billions of hens upon the opposers. Even with automatic weapons, the humans quickly exhaust their ammo supplies out of fear and are confronted with a horde of insane clucking hens. The internal instinct to brood or sit on a clutch of eggs results in massive numbers of chickens fighting for positions on top of a human face trying to incubate the eyeballs. The end result is a horrible death of suffocation amid dust, feathers, and feces. The Supercock’s strategy is not to kill off the lower-class citizens, but to try and eliminate the scoundrels who achieved vast wealth at the cost of innocent chickens. The enemy was targeted. The CEO’s of enormous chicken production empires was initiated.  Colonel Slanders, catching wind of this ploy, hired a private army to protect him. As the last one expired with a mouth full of hen feces, Slanders was thrown into a feather extracting machine and slowly bludgeoned to death. His herb-seasoned, oil-cooked corpse was displayed at a local retail outlet and the sign changed to read, KENTUCKY FRIED HUMAN, EXTRA CRISPY. 

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