Driven by rage, aimed to extract revenge upon the capitalist humans responsible for all the atrocities induced upon the chicken kingdom, the Supercocks employed the same tactics used by the humans who frequently employed it on their fellow man. Total and intense war. Any attempt by the enemy to retaliate against unspoken horrors was met with even more abominations by their soldiers with the commanders looking away. To stop this escalating contest of hell prevalent in the Vietnam War, the Bosnia uprising, and the Invasion of Iraqi, the Supercocks gave the opposing troops a choice. Surrender or die. This alternative always existed in previous wars, but because it was amongst the same species, nothing happened. Fighting a war between chickens (ex-dinosaurs) and humans was unique in that the ambassadors and soldiers themselves could see a physical and conceptual difference. The words of patriotism, loyalty, and honor fell on deaf ears. Understanding the cries of a broiler chicken whose life expectancy was 12 weeks and the decapitation of 2 year old production egg layering hens in their prime, being shredded into soup meat brought tears to the humans, even if they did taste good. For the first time in human history, the soldiers went into the hardened bunkers and extracted the men of fault and turned them over to their adversaries. Out of the comfortable, fortified mansions came the CEO’S of Tysun screaming and promising large caches of money to their own soldiers to be released. The owners of Chick-fil-eh were pulling diamonds out of their pockets and throwing handfuls to anyone who would free them, only to be dragged away by furious hens who watched their chicks being rotisseried into a golden brown value meal. Money, whether green paper or chicken feed, played no part in this war. The responsible rich were disposed of and peace was restored. Their mansions were given to the hens as war reparations and converted into chic chicken coops.

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