Ed Gein carried a lifetime of education. Pulled out of school after the 8th grade, he spent the first 39 years of his life under the scrutiny of his mentor mother who steered him into religious and misogyny beliefs. He was an excellent student with a streak of jealousy that may have driven him to kill his own brother. Without that admission, Ed Gein is not a serial killer, just an ordinary murderer with a unique talent for transforming human cadavers into furniture. The definition of a serial killer is for an individual to kill at least 3 people on 2 different occasions. Killing 3 victims at once, without waiting at least a month between murders, excludes one from entering that elite status. Poor Ed was only convicted of killing 2 women on 2 different occasions. Digging up fresh bodies and cutting off their skins to make, coats, masks, and belts made of nipples, does not count. Mr. Gein was also a talented artist who saw fit to remove the lower jawbone of cleaned human skull and glue the flipped lower jawbone to the back of the skull to prevent the boney head from rolling off the table. They made excellent ashtrays and conversation pieces that catch one’s immediate attention. Putting on the facial skin of a former living human being is also noteworthy for breaking the ice at social events. Ripped from its skull’s support structure, it hangs off the wearer’s own head with a sagging and dumbfounded look that is sure to incite gut rolling laughter. Using the large, hair-free back skin to fabricate a shade intended to cut down the glare of a lamplight, along with a set of female lips attached to the pull chain of the device, is an engineering marvel. These traits need to be recognized and revered. Legal action is required to exhume the body of Ed’s older brother to see if those dents in his head were from a blunt force object. In time, the truth will come to the drive-up window of justice, and prove Ed Gein is indeed eligible for serial killer status.

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  1. Ed was also a babysitter for the neighbors. Wonder what his bedtime stories consisted of?Perhaps ” Rumpled killed skin”, or ” Tom’s Thumb”. He was definitely Grimm.


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