In the sandy potato fields of central Wisconsin, lived a dysfunctional family that out-dysfunctionaled your normal dysfunctional genealogy. They called themselves the Geins. Attempting to attain an average human lifestyle by seeking a mate for life immediately after high school, the parents met at some social event, and felt fluids being secreted in their groin areas. The seeds of love were sown. As nature stuffed the body with strange chemicals that are all about reproduction, the couple continued to see each other and in a very short time of courting, a marriage was secured. The husband who found himself trapped in a lifestyle that stymied freedom and adventure soon turned to alcohol as his rocket fuel of choice to escape his mate induced prison. Nature, in its infinite wisdom, threw in enough hormones to create not 1, but 2, male offspring. The jail door was slammed shut. The father, accepting his role as the provider, bought a farm in the flat plains of Plainfield and exercised his responsibilities. He stayed on, drunk, but present. The chemical world of ethyl alcohol sent its roots of destruction into the Gein family and bittered the wife severely. She, in turn, passed her acidic discontent on to her 2 sons and all was dysfunctionally normal. In time, alcohol removed the father from the planet through liver failure. Not long after that, the oldest son died under suspicious circumstances, as a farm fire claimed his life. Forensics was in its infancy, and the poor family wasn’t worth the effort. This left the crazed mother and baby Ed to fend for themselves. The stress soon eroded Ma Gein into a stroke and finally, emotional peace known as death. Ed was now alone with only his mother’s rants to guide him into the future. He spent his dark hours digging up freshly buried bodies and applied his new trade of human taxidermy to a new level. Ed excelled. When the sheriff paid him a visit to investigate a missing woman, the world awoke to human insanity. 

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