This concept involves a committee of select individuals to mastermind an organized, perfect plan that will take an operation to an optimum goal successfully. REALLY? All things created by flawed individuals are inherently flawed. Throwing more minds into the mix will create more problems as each individual will present an imperfect path known only to the genetic mistake that created them. An example of this is the former Strategic Air Command or SAC as it was commonly known as. In operation from 1946 to 1992, it oversaw all operations of the Air Force’s responsibilities of procuring, operations and maintenance of the US nuclear bombs and land based nuclear missiles. It had, under its jurisdiction, 2 of the 3 nuclear deterrents to prevent a Soviet attack on the US during the cold war by being in command of tens of thousands of nuclear weapons. Hundreds of thousands of strategic planning committees and meetings took place between the government and its defense contractors to discuss design, delivery, and deployment of such weapons. Luckily, we only had 32 RECORDED Broken Arrows, or the unexpected incidents of jettisoned, misfired, theft or loss of a nuclear weapon, of which 6 are still missing. One incident that took place near Little Rock, Arkansas in 1980 involved a Titan 2 missile with a 9-megaton warhead: 450 times more powerful than Hiroshima. An 8-pound socket was dropped down the silo exit, piercing the tank containing one part of a hypergolic fuel (no ignition source is needed, it reacts instantly with its oxidizer fuel). 9 hours later it exploded violently. Luckily, it blew the weapon apart. Had the device been activated, we would have had our 40th major national park open as soon as all the radiation reached an acceptable level. The crater would have been enormous, and the vitrified ground would sparkle in the sunlight. Yet no strategic planning committee of the Strategic Air Defense ever foresaw gravity as a possible problem. That is S.A.D.

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