The amazing chemical compound C2H5OH, or ethyl alcohol, also known as ethanol, is a solvent used to remove oily organics for processing finished products. One of 3 types of alcohols that include, methanol and isopropyl, it is the only one that can be consumed in moderation. Ethanol found its way into automotive fuels in 1988, to compensate for rising gasoline prices brought on by the oil crisis of the 70’s. It is an excellent oxygenation agent in fuels and can effectively transport man’s internal combustion machines through time and space. The same oxygenation process may be responsible for fueling one’s brain into overdrive and create noticeable performance (behavior) changes. As one pulls up to the filling station (the bar or tavern) and starts loading up their vehicle’s gas tank (stomach), the fuel finds its way into the engine (brain) via the fuel lines (bloodstream). This gets the vehicle (you) out on the highway (the outside world), and it’s off to the races. First stop is your giddy teen years, a time when all the grills were chromed (smiling). Then with time and more fuel, it’s off to one’s 20’s, where energy is endless, and fun is forever. The small towns you are now driving through are known as the 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s, where experience dictates one’s driving expertise (conduct). After this, your fuel has taken you into an old town known as the 60’s. With jerky movements, weaving maneuvers, and an engine that runs rough (drunkenness), the trip is over, and you check into a hotel to rest. The next morning you awaken 20 miles (years) farther, and find yourself in the 80’s. Your vehicle is severely beat up and the engine is misfiring (a hangover). Your car will spend a day or 2 in the garage getting worked on (hydrating and resting), before your time machine returns to you to your hometown (your world). In time, another road trip will present itself, and you stop at the gas station to fill up with more AL-CCHHHHH(OH)-OL. 

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