Buried deep within, and branching out to all extremities is a communication system in humans that is broken down into 2 parts: the central and the peripheral nervous systems. The first consists of the brain and spinal cord and the other comprises a network of neuron cells that connect all the body parts to the WIZARD OF ODD (the cerebrum). Their purpose is to form a transmission system to keep the lifeform (you) safe and intact. While most signals are inborn and involuntary, such as breathing, others are learned and refined to produce a viable human that can survive in their particular environment.  Iron workers have developed a unique balance system that overrides their natural fear of heights, and sailors can negotiate a moving hallway on a ship caught in a severe storm. During the learning process, mistakes are made, and injuries can and do occur. The result is a negative feedback to the brain known as pain. This is the main inhibitor telling the creature that you can’t do that again, providing they survived the mishap. These signals can be dampered down or blocked altogether with chemical compounds known as painkillers. Some are naturally produced in the body to allow the person to carry out their tasks that will allow them to survive. With these chemicals, arthritic people can get through a day’s work to obtain food for their labors and rest when done. Medicine Men and doctors have discovered over the centuries other chemicals that mimic these natural ones and have administered them extensively. Two products that produce pain killing relief are alcohol and pharmaceuticals which are synthesized natural analgesics. Their introduction into the human body can take effect with 3 delivery systems:
SIPPING: the act of drinking alcohol.
SHOOTING: injecting a painkiller into the bloodstream.
SWALLOWING: dumping a pill down the throat. As one gets older and pain is your loyal partner, you must decide which ritual you will pursue. Enjoy geriatrics, be a 3S’er. 

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