Every day when people leave their lairs of privacy, and venture forth to interact with other people, they prepare their bodies for such encounters. Bathing, preening, fashion selection (clothing), and most importantly, they project their extremely versatile and fictitious personalities out in front of their own selves. These are known as facades. Utilizing decades of honing skills to display the most appropriate individual one must present to another, the performance begins. In the business world of making money and in the physical world of making babies, these facades are a product of intense competition. Gone are the million-year-old mammal traits of wrestling to exhaustion, head butting and fighting to the death to establish hierarchy and mating rights. Humans have now turned to thespian tactics to influence the outcome of a situation. Named after a Greek playwright and performer, Thespis, who became the first solo actor in the 5th century BCE, people attempt to win Oscars with their captivating performance. Trained since infancy, they have used crying as a persuasive tool to achieve their goals. Boredom, hunger, or a heat-stealing, soiled diaper kicked the little tikes into their first acting careers and it has been nothing but a well-practiced trade ever since. By their teenage years, their facade execution is nothing short of amazing. Facial expressions, body language and pumped up prose are all the architects of facade construction. In time, that magnificent street view display hides the commoner behind their projectors. An outhouse with a cathedral skin, this is survival at its pinnacle. To determine what really lies on the other side, facade drones are required. This newest technology employs tiny hovering drones that can follow the actor back to their privacy lairs and can tune in to their conversations. Broadcasting back to the inquisitive one via Bluetooth, one is bound to hear such phrases as: what an idiot, dumb bastard, and that stupid bitch. 

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