Way back in the old days of DDT, there existed a mechanical device that had a cylindrical drum about 4″ in diameter and 8″ in length. This liquid reservoir was mounted perpendicular to a hand operated pump that had a piston inside an air chamber that pressurized the tank. When the trigger was squeezed, the contents of the vessel were forced out through a nozzle that atomized the fluid and dispersed it into the surrounding atmosphere. It killed bugs dead in seconds. Children ran after flies, mosquitoes, and any other misfortunate members of the Insecta group or Arthropod Phylum and gassed them. The future holds the same scenario with a modified twist. When human brains go awry, it’s all about numbers. For every 100,000 people, one will be extremely defective in the prime of their life. These individuals want to take out as many innocent people as they can when their due date is up. In America, with access to firearms, the record to date is 58 dead, and over 500 wounded including people who just fell down. The limiting factor for victims is the range of the firearm and the skill to hit your target. With aerosols delivering indiscriminate poisons via wind dispersal, these numbers WILL increase. As the Internet supplies information on genetic engineering, contagions and deadly viral incubations, ordinary people will figure out how to disperse these plagues and take out many more innocents. WW1 used chemical weapons to kill people in trenches far beyond the range of a rifle. It was so ugly, they banned it in WW2, but allowed the flame thrower to fry soldiers in close quarters. Typical human logic. Enemies must die, no matter how horrific and in the mind of a nut job who cannot obtain plutonium; biological or chemical death works just fine. In the future, the military will abandon all their rifles. The US Marine Corps Silent Drill Platoon, will be flipping US issued, AEROSOL WANDS in unison on the parade grounds, to the absolute amazement of the spectators. 

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