Entrenched in the dense human neuron network is a strategy to promote complex problem solving. This process plays out as a mental confrontation amongst 2 or more groups of people brought together to unravel a mystery. The rewards of being the first to solve the enigma includes recognition, fame, éclat and or monetary gain amidst the members. These are the motivating forces that drive individuals to work as a 24/7 team. Businesses use internal competition to speed up and improve results that are driven by bonuses. An industry that employed these techniques, often were the government contractors of the Manhattan Project that developed our first nuclear weapons. With a war going on at the time, security was tight, but assorted Academia manufacturers and multifarious management created lots of leaks which filtered over to our new enemy, the Soviet Union. They detonated their first nuclear weapon 4 years after the US. With tighter scrutiny, America embarked on the invention of the hydrogen or thermonuclear weapon. A device was detonated in 1952, and a deliverable weapon was finished in 1954. The Soviets countered in 1955. Ongoing delivery systems like bombers and missiles were running neck and neck until Sputnik appeared in 1957. The US countered with a moon project, which was a misrepresentation of space exploration, under the disguise of spying and diverse weapon systems. Whatever the US came up with in terms of aircraft, spacecraft or new technologies, the USSR had an amazing copy of it in their arsenal in no time. The US had 3 laboratories in competition with each other to invent insane nuclear weapons which showed up in enemy stockpiles soon afterwards. Seeing as how governments are not manufacturers, but merely end users that contract thousands of international companies. What could be better for business, than to pit one nation into competition with another. This rivalry finally bankrupted and dissolved the USSR in 1991. PARANOIA WILL DESTROY YA. 

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