Meconium is the very first feces, or stool, of a newborn mammal. It is a sticky, viscous, tar-like substance whose color ranges from olive green to black and has no noticeable odor. It is composed of digested mucus, amniotic fluid, intestinal epithelial cells, bile and langua (fine baby body hairs). The substance is excreted immediately after birth and is replaced in a few days by a yellowish, odor bearing stool containing digested milk. Problems can arise when the stool is expelled in the placenta prior to birth. It is usually indicative of a stressed fetus and shows up in the amniotic fluid as a color change. This is known as meconium liqueur (ML). This BABY BOOZE was studied for many decades starting in the late 40’s with the advent of the Baby Boomers. By recording the babies who absorbed this liqueur in the womb, a study revealed certain outcomes in later life. SFB: This group had a reduced mental capacity due to feces being implanted into the neurons. It is known as SHIT FOR BRAINS. FOS: This category has decreased ability to distinguish fact from fiction and would inadvertently converse fictitious information constantly. They were known as FULL OF SHIT. OB: This batch suffered from chronic halitosis due to the fact that fecal material was lodged in their esophagus and was constantly fed nutrients to sustain the bacterial colony located there. They are known as OUTHOUSE BREATH. BS: This category was similar to the FOS group but differed in that a logic developed to try and sway other humans they encountered into accepting their false beliefs. They are known as BULLSHITTERS. P’s: This lot was the most heavily damaged species that was affected by long term ML intoxication. Their symptoms include psychotic behaviors, aberrant thinking, and distorted values. Examples are Adolph Hitler, Ted Bundy, and Jeffrey Dahmer. This unfortunate sort are known as PSYCHOS. FLP: This batch has traits of all the above. These scum are known as FUCKING LYING POLITICIANS. 

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