The Mammalian class of the Animalia Kingdom contains within it, a species known as humans. This little branch has grown to about 7.5 billion humans in 2017 and yet a mere 1.6 billion were here in 1900. The estimate for the total population the earth can possibly sustain is 9 to 11 billion humans and that will occur around 2100. For some unknown reason, man has taken it upon himself to impose the title of Master of the Planet. His accomplishments in agriculture, education, engineering, medicine, and transportation are impressive, but his ultimate achievement so far is in weapon development or population control. Since 1945 when he first unleashed the atom, he has steadily thrown boat loads of cash and talent into improving them. Nuclear weapons only drawback to efficient creature vaporization is the residual and deadly radiation left over from using a fission trigger. Problem solved. A weapon was tested on the backside of the moon under the ploy that NASA was looking for water. It was an offsite test of a fusion device (residually clean), using a matter-antimatter trigger. This leaves the landscape inhabitable by the victors, minus a large crater which could now be converted into a reservoir for fish farming due to its non-permeable, fused liner. All we need for this scenario to exist is a confrontation, bad decision making (unless it was preplanned), and the stupidity or genius to carry it out. These irrational thoughts are brought on by our strange chemical concoctions that occur during human development. In the womb, the fetus after 12 weeks, starts urinating into the amniotic fluid surrounding the unborn baby and they suck in piss for the remainder of their gestation period. In some instances, one squeaks out a turd too soon and their meconium contaminates the surrounding fluid, this meconium liqueur is then absorbed. These placenta poopers are amongst us, covertly inserting the launch codes into our thermonuclear, population annihilators. SWEET! 

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