In a closed system, similar to a live human being, there is a positive pressure within the body caused by a beating heart pumping a liquid blood. When the system opens rapidly and catastrophically, such as an incident of having your head removed by an imposing Guillotine, your pressure drop is irrevocably permanent, and so is your demise. The French Revolution (1789-1799) has been hailed as the most influential time that has affected modern history. The introduction of the Guillotine during this time was a showcase of distressed human behavior. The French commoners had enough, so they cut off the king’s head. The clergy cried foul, so off with their religious heads. Not showing any discrimination, they grabbed the queen and promptly removed her head. The minister of public safety had enough of the enemies of the rebellion, so he started cutting off their heads. They had enough of him, so they sentenced him to die by Guillotine. He wanted no part of that, so he tried to commit suicide. He only wounded his jaw, and then they cut his head off. All this in 18 months. Along the way, the public square where the executions took place, soon became a fashion show, as women who were encouraged to watch, started dressing up and knitting competitively. The very first food court showed up here as people’s stomachs growled and vendors found a niche. The hair of the victim’s head was sold to the highest bidder, and the skin of the deceased was made into trousers. This would have made Ed Gein very proud. The French were ahead of the curve, and to this day, the French government still listens to its citizens. The United States needs to take heed and install 3 Guillotines in Washington D.C. One by the Capitol, another in front of the White House, and a 3rd on the grounds of the U.S. Supreme Court. As a political figure ignoring the common folk, your decapitated head would be taken up to the Washington Monument and rolled down a ramp into the Reflecting Pool. 

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