Soon, an inevitable event will come about to seal the fate of poor Cairo, Illinois, the bastard child of misfortune. 42 miles to the south lies New Madrid, Missouri and just south of there, 3 to 15 miles beneath the surface is the vulture-like New Madrid Fault waiting to pounce on the unsuspecting area. Releasing 4 massive earthquakes in 3 months in 1811 and 1812, it has been storing energy for over 200 years. When this killer fault unloads like a coiled snake, the tremors will topple the 2 top-heavy, cantilever steel truss bridges off their foundations, cutting off any east or west escape route. Next, alarms will trigger the north flood gate to drop, entombing the city in a dry bathtub. Seismic waves emanating from the epicenter will create liquefaction to the Mississippi levee walls causing them to ‘melt’ away. The seiche wave or wall of water travelling up the Mississippi River created by the quake will flow over the now nonexistent southern levee and come thundering into town. The river water meeting the chemical plant will be superheated by process heat and will flash to steam, exploding violently and trashing the eastern Ohio River flood wall. Water violently gushing in from that breech will mix with the up-flowing Mississippi water and create a blender style rotation that will scour the perimeter of the condemned city. With the power severed, the floodgate cannot be raised to free any struggling citizens as they circle helplessly in the spinning soup of slaughter. One by one, they succumb to the rotating deluge of a drowning death. With the last one panically breathing in a slug of water, all that is left is to bash the bodies into oblivion amongst the debris of the city. As the rotation quells, the souffléd city slowly makes its way down to the Gulf of Mexico. Citizens to the south, drop their heads in respect for the unfortunates that chose Cairo as their Motherland.  The evil Siren flushed her fetuses into the toilet of death.

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