Situated in the central United States is one of the largest chemical production centers of the world. Nestled along both the Ohio and Mississippi River valleys, these element fusing factories are here because of the most ideal conditions that could exist in theory. Chemical reactions take place with the help of enormous energy and large quantities of water to put component constituents into solution, and to purge the by-products. These Adam and Eve characteristics reside in the Garden of Chemicals of North America. ADAM is the masculine power present in the hydro, hydrocarbon, and nuclear electrical potential available in all the systems. All rivers draining into the Mississippi comprise 1.2 million square miles of watersheds and encompasses 31 states. It empties the flanks of 2 major mountain ranges and presented a huge hydropotential. Also, substantial coal fields are scattered throughout the area and is the primary fuel for power plants due to availability and cheap transportation via barges. About 1/3 of all U.S. nuclear power plants are located in this drainage basin and use river water as a radiator. The EVE is the non-stop water flowing southward, discharging nearly 600,000 cubic feet per second at New Orleans. She supplies all the water necessary for the chemical interactions and is the queen of flushing all undesirable concoctions into the Gulf of Messy-co. All elements can be found here, including man made radioactive ones, thanks to Argonne National Laboratory’s location on the SANITARY canal. The marriage of Adam and Eve was a marriage made in heaven and has generated huge wealth to companies pumping out vast quantities of chemicals to keep us fat and happy.  Remarkably, the river system looks like a bed of giant snakes, meandering and slithering its way through America. The snake is the symbol of the devil and the devil is a universal symbol of disease, despair, deceit, destruction, and death. Could there be a correlation? Naaah. 

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