Situated in southeastern Missouri, in the boot heel region, this active fault zone last ‘released’ in 1811 and 1812. A pair of 7.5 quakes created sand volcanoes, put 2 temporary water falls in the Mississippi river, destroyed the town of New Madrid, and made buildings sway in New York and Boston over 1,000 miles away. Being in the middle of a tectonic plate (North American Plate), it creates new rules about plate behavior. Evidence shows that it has created multiple earthquakes going back to 4800 BC with damages occurring at 3500BC, 2350BC, 300AD, 900AD and 1450 AD. The real reason for all this seismic activity is the confluence of major rivers with different frequencies. The Wabash/Ohio are mixing with the Missouri /Mississippi creating a pulsating energy source that is directed into the underlying bedrock. All that stored energy will be released in the near future, just like a loaded capacitor discharging into a closed circuit. SMOKE is what you’re going to see. Adding to the problem is mankind and his fantastic inventions exacerbating the situation. Throwing fuel on the fire is his 5000 horsepower tugboats in the river installing hydraulic energy into the system. Seeing as how nothing is 100% efficient, whatever energy does not go into moving the barges, gets stored into the system. Also, in the area is interstates 55 and 57 which is loaded with truck traffic moving millions of tons of junk between the north and south. Watching this energy source pound its dynamic energy into the ground over this stressed battlefield is going to show up later in time. Finally, the railroad has tracks on both sides of the river to install another quadrillion joules of energy into this taxed area. When this unloads, all the non-ductile, rigid buildings of Chicago, St. Louis, New York, Atlanta, and all points in between are going down. The old adage of, “from dust you came, to dust you shall return”, will be present in earthquake created fires of the Midwest.

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