A dim twilight of 12 hours was followed by 12 more hours of total darkness that covered the skies over Canada, on the vernal equinox in March. This condition was not a weather phenomenon, but rather a well-designed experiment to shift the little used sunlight from the United States’ northern ally and neighbor. This scenario was created by a technology that an American company named HELIOS, perfected last year. It revolves around complex physics that has enabled that clever and insightful corporation to essentially build a photon magnet machine that redirects sunlight. Using intense magnetic fields to intercept and repurpose the solar radiation, the company is, in reality, doing no wrong. Nowhere on earth has any country enacted a law making it illegal to steal sunlight. The advantage is to concentrate more lumens of light on many solar arrays in the US to increase profits dramatically. Canada has an abundance of hydro power, so the few experimental solar farms they had were no longer viable and were sold to the HELIOS company and moved south to the states. The slow growing boreal forests of northern Canada are harvested for chipboard products that are loaded with toxic chemicals to bind them together. America saw fit to shut down this polluting industry and save the world environment. At the same time, by not being harvested, they utilized these low light tolerant trees to supply the dwindling atmosphere with life friendly oxygen. With 90% of Canada’s mere 38 million people within 100 miles of the US border, they can get by just fine on bleed light near the well-lit American side. This matriarchal government is noted for its bitching about America and its success, and the whiny, jealous, maple syrup suckers have gone and declared war on the United States of America. OMG! Multiple diplomatic envoys have been dispatched and trainloads of Coors Beer and truckloads of Slim Jims have been shipped to Canada to appease the outraged natives to the North.

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