While the astute tongue mechanics (diplomats) convened in Ottawa, Canada, the greed seeders (lobbyists) gathered in Alexandria, Virginia to make sure their clientele was going to add mountains of cash to their personal wealth. The diplomats were there to calm down and convince the Canadians that they did not need sunlight on the vast majority of their lands. They used the logic that in the winter there wasn’t any sunlight anyway and that summer weather patterns created many overcast days that brought rain. It was this rain that created huge, cheap, hydroelectric potential as it all flowed into the Hudson and James Bays. The American diplomats suggested that more dams could be built so that 24/7 LED lighting could keep Canada well illuminated. They even offered to sell them cheap Portland Cement at bargain prices. This started to influence the representatives who had Canadians back home that were construction contractors and quarry owners. General Electric offered to build a 10 million square foot facility in Winnipeg, Manitoba to build LED lighting. The location was secretly chosen to take advantage of the bleed light coming from the US and to keep the shipping costs to a minimum when transporting the gold bullion profits back home. Meanwhile the lobbyists near Washington DC, were working on the Senators and Representatives to convince them that redirecting Canada’s sunlight to the US was environmentally sound and, therefore, fell into the eminent domain status. They relied heavily on Global Warming data that scared the crap out of environmentalists who enjoyed their creature comforts, compliments of electrical generation. Showing that photovoltaic generation could replace coal fired with HELIOS technology and would start bringing down those killer CO2 emissions, convinced most legislators. The vast majority of them secretly held HELIOS stock in large quantities. So much for an unbiased American Foreign Policy, it was business as usual; fuck ’em. 

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