Like the novel, THE MOUSE THAT ROARED, no one thought that Canada could stand up to the most powerful nation in the Solar System. With only 2 offensive movements in a few months, the Canucks have won a half a dozen US cities and managed to snatch 300-Mark 21’s, dial a yield warheads from 300 to 450 kilotons of pure death. Sitting atop 300 Minuteman III’s, the missiles were scattered across the northern plains of North Dakota and Montana. They left the Warrens AFB compliment of 150 missiles alone as a sign they weren’t greedy or crazy. Cutting the umbilical cords that ran from the remote sites to the launch command posts simultaneously was a feat accomplished by professional Canadian hackers, skilled equipment operators and tradesmen on a mission. Using early Landsat photos to see the scars left on the ground when the original Minuteman I’s were put into operation in the early 60’s, along with Internet information as to the locations of all 450 sites, it was easy to find all the trenches connecting each missile to its command post. Knowing that each cable is surrounded with a gas tight jacket full of pressurized nitrogen to keep out moisture and to sound an alarm if disturbed, the Canadians cut them all at the same time. This would make the operators suspect a software fault. Hunting this down on a holiday and very early in the morning gave the hackers more than enough time to sever the cable with a non-conducting saw and reestablish connections into a computer with its own power supply. Living in Canada’s long, dark winters, produced a prolific breed of hackers that take pride in resourcefulness. Within an hour, they were in control of an arsenal that would scare the crap out of God. If one missile was launched at its predetermined coordinates that was set in years ago, that Russian or Chinese target would cease to exist. If they all took off, the resulting retaliation would dictate that all humans would cease to exist. Man is an absolute genius. 

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