The US military brass were wearing bright red faces because a bunch of Canadian civilians stole 2/3 of their ICBM arsenal. They became known as the Lost Indian Tribe. They needed to rectify this situation at light speed in order to save face. First at bat was a Marine Special Operations officer known as Colonel Cowboy. A career veteran of many assignments, the highly decorated soldier along with his men had a 90% success rate of annihilating enemies of the US. His job was simple, take out those hackers in the trenches that tapped into the umbilical cables that connected the Minuteman III’s to their command centers and terminate with extreme racism. He planned on a trench by trench stealth extermination until all 300 missiles were recovered. His starting point was the 742nd Missile Squadron, silo Oscar 02, the farthest northeast installation of the 91st Minot Missile Wing. Studying the aerial photos with 8 infrared figures at the bottom of the trench, the 2-part team took off with $23 million dollars worth of military hardware towards the excavated trench. The heavily camouflaged assault team split off and approached on foot towards the hole with the abandoned excavator next to it. The other team went to secure the launch silo itself. When both teams were in position, the command to attack was given and the kill team opened machine gun fire into the pit, chewing the lifeforms at the bottom into a red stew. The other team secured the unmanned silo. When the smoke and organic spray subsided, the victims at the bottom came into view. There were 8 slaughtered sheep at the bottom with no humans amongst them. Suddenly the 110-ton blast door over the silo accelerated to 35 MPH in 30 feet due to explosive charges on one end. The men slowly approached the exposed silo just in time for a small explosion surrounding the plutonium core. A nuclear blast vaporized them and in 4 seconds vaporized the rest of the team 6 miles away. Canada 299, US 150. 

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