The old adage, “there’s safety in numbers”, came to fruition when the entire world united with Canada and joined David to go slay Goliath (the U.S.). With nearly 8 billion humans inhabiting this planet, America with only 1/3 of a billion people and no usable nuclear weapons to scare off the other 7 2/3 billion, came to its senses. The Canadians stole command of 2/3 of their ICBM arsenal and were back in Canada with their remote launch controllers, monitoring their sticks of nuclear dynamite with an armada of drones. With one attempt to regain control, the US witnessed one of its own weapons exploding on its very soil, vaporizing the avengers. This pushed the scales of justice right over because the American military could only use their active, remaining 3,518 nuclear weapons to kick start Armageddon. This was no longer an option, as the new generations did not share the old Japanese philosophy of fighting to the death. So rather than fight a protracted war on their own soil, America surrendered unconditionally. With the big bully out of the picture, it was easy for the rest of the united world to give up their nukes. They were repurposed as tools to lower CO2 levels in the atmosphere. Removing the fission ignitor and replacing it with a matter/anti-matter trigger, deadly isotopes were eliminated. These atomic alchemists broke the chemical bonds, freeing up oxygen and carbon back into elements. With each launch into a remote location in the atmosphere, it soon rained down inert diamonds as a result. This symbol for love was now free. The maps of the world were modified to show that the vast majority of the North America Continent was now labeled Canada. All the American sports prevailed, except golf, in which the courses were turned in housing for the homeless and included a hockey rink. Before all games, the national anthem is played with reverence and fervor. OH CANADA, OUR HOME AND NATIVE LAND. TRUE PATRIOT LOVE, IN ALL THY SONS’ COMMAND. 

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