Communication satellites orbiting the earth heated up with all the activity streaming through them. The world was awash with rumors that came in like tidal waves stripping the shores of accuracy. The truth was that when the Canadians had attained the umbilical cables they had sought, they made their connections to the electrical bundle heading towards the silo and tied them into a dedicated computer with its own power supply using secure frequencies to communicate. They then set heavy plates, the kind that highway departments use over trenches to keep the traffic flowing, and covered them up. They then moved the excavator in any random direction a half mile away, except over the cable and dug another pit while the hacking crew was busy working on the tap. They piled the trucked spoil from both trenches to shadow the bottom of the dummy trench from direct sunlight to prevent aerial photos from revealing what was really at the bottom. They then dumped in 6 to 10 sheep that they were given to them by Canadian shepherds to act as decoys. It worked, but no one knew this as the knowledge was vaporized in the brains of the assault team that triggered the first silo explosion. The hackers crawled out of a small hole that resembled a coyote den when they finished their work. The disturbed soil looked like the unloading point of the excavator and trailed over to the dummy trench. No concerns were raised. With the first weapon ignited in the silo as a warning, the Canadians made it very adamant that any attempts to recover possession of their ‘lost’ missiles would result in the deployment of the entire fleet simultaneously over to their targets in Asia and eastern Europe. It was obvious, this war with Canada was going to be fought conventionally. The other 2 components of the nuclear triad were forced to stand down under threat of total world annihilation. The whole world now declared war on the US for their arrogance and relentless stupidity. 

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