Scattered throughout the countryside are multifarious towers with 3 long blades and a generating unit mounted on top, known as a wind turbine. There are nearly a thousand farms with tens of thousands of wind turbine units except in the southeastern United States due to a lack of economical wind energy. These generators now supply nearly 5% of all US power. With all those 1 to 2-megawatt power plants positioned out there, that seems low. The answer is that these wind turbines steadily installed since 1980 with NASA and the Dept. of Energy supervision, are combination motor/generators and are part of an advanced US anti-ballistic system. In plate tectonics, there are 7 major and many minor plates in the lithosphere. All these plates are floating on molten rock in the asthenosphere, like dense chunks of ice floating on a lake. The North American Plate (NAP), including Greenland, contains all the US nuclear land-based missiles. With GPS satellites fixing coordinates, Russian ICBM’S know where to strike these siloed missiles. What the military did was to reorient the NAP so the preset coordinates installed on the Russian missiles are now off by hundreds of miles. Just like an outboard motor on a boat can propel it in different directions, these wind turbines using motor mode, have been redirecting the NAP southwest hundreds of miles. All launched Russian missiles will now land in Canada, turning their citizens into Canadian Bacon. This will cause an uproar in the world’s geopolitical scene, and will bestow severe and immediate retaliation on Russia for nuking a neutral country. This also explains global warming and glaciers melting in Greenland, because it moved south and west slowly. The direction and exact coordinates are controlled at the Cheyenne Mountain Complex and are top secret. Constant updates are reinstalled into the Minuteman Missiles’ computers to renew their locations. It’s hard to hit a moving target, and harder yet when it’s not even there. 

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