The United States Military’s top-secret project to relocate the North American Plate (NAP) on the surface of the earth, was known as OPERATION BLUE PLATE SPECIAL (BPS). It involved constructing tens of thousands of motor/generators (wind turbines) all over the country that are controlled at Cheyenne Mountain Complex (the Bridge). It is a replacement for the Stanley Michelson ABM system located in North Dakota near the former Minuteman ICBM site of Grand Forks. Fraught with excessive costs and extreme engineering difficulties of trying to hit a bullet with a bullet, this design was abandoned for a plan that involved stealthily “floating” our continent farther southwest and disrupting the accuracy of incoming Russian ICBMs with “old” fixed coordinates. Supplying false GPS data still gives the illusion that all of our land-based ICBMs are in their original locations. They are not. To avoid unnecessary US casualties, the Minuteman installations in Missouri and South Dakota have been removed because Russian missiles would still have landed on American soil. The installation at Grand Forks was also removed to save the Canadian city of Winnipeg due to its profitable prostitution business with US military personnel. Minot and Malmstrom bases are currently active so 300 Russian missiles will inadvertently be headed for a sparsely populated part of Canada. The Wyoming wing at Warren is also active and will put 150 Russki nukes into a barren part of western North Dakota, but will provide an excuse to retaliate aggressively. This also explains the frenzy of extracting all the hydrocarbons out of the ground near Williston, North Dakota so it doesn’t get radioactive or go up in smoke. Can the US government actually consider throwing our Canadian brethren under the bus, and let a Russian first strike take them out? Just look back at the US/ American Indian relationships of our colorful past. When it comes to making America great again, OH HELL YES, WE CAN! 

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