Burned into the memory banks are incidents from the past that were unpleasant and created a strong emotional reaction to terminate these stimuli. This emotion is known as hate. It is not inborn, but rather a learned behavior, taught through experience and bad encounters. Built into hate is a strong motivational energy. Like an electrical capacitor, this energy is stored and when the conditions are right, trigger a release. Instant physical action is taken to annihilate the source of the rude attitude. Crowd lynchings and genocide are two examples. It is this pent-up energy which needs to be redirected into a substitute vent to make the outcome more desirable. The formation of the H.A.T.E. organizations are such an attempt. H.A.T.E. is an acronym for Humans Against Totally Everything. It starts as a weekly meeting in a prearranged location whereby a member speaks about an annoying situation that irks them to no end. An example would be about a slow driver in the left lane. Stories would be volunteered from other participants that express their experiences with that same type of encounter. The group would gradually work themselves into an uncontrollable frenzy and jump into a flaming red, full-sized van with a police interceptor drive train underneath it. This overpowered vehicle with the letters E.T.A.H on the front hood, would then get on the nearest freeway and search for an errant individual driving slow in the left lane. In time, they would find such an irresponsible idiot, accelerate right up to their rear bumper, and lay on the horn. If the perpetrator does not move into the right lane immediately, a ramming maneuver takes place and speeds up the slow poke to an acceptable level for the occupants of the Hatemobile. Thus, the errant driver becomes aware of their bad driving habits. In time, all humans when observing a vehicle with a pissed off person in it, will instantly pull their slow car in the right lane, and avoid this trouble.  

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