The United States Government took it upon itself to put a man on the moon by the end of the 1960’s. Its mission was two-fold: 1): to advance science and push technology for the betterment of man. 2): to advance rocketry and hence weapon delivery systems for the annihilation of the USSR. The moon would make an excellent observatory for spying on the “Ruskies” as well as an ideal launch platform, free of a problematic atmosphere and enjoying a reduced gravitational field for economical rocket launches. Only one major problem presented itself: NO WATER, NO LIFE. Transporting a heavy liquid to earth’s satellite was cost prohibited and bringing back rocks, looking for the elements hydrogen and oxygen within, to create this essential molecule, also was a bust. So, we stopped going and concentrated on breaking them financially. Mission accomplished. Life and water go together a tad bit better than love and marriage, because one was nature’s idea and the other was man’s concoction, just like the HINDENBURG. Precious water is being sought elsewhere in the solar system and a few good leads have come in Mars is next in line for exploration because ice (frozen water), is visible at the poles. A few of Jupiter’s 67 moons are under study as well as Saturn’s Titan, sporting oceans of liquid. Some of these may be nothing more than liquid methane or ammonia, but both would prove most interesting as they contain components of the “big four” necessary for organic compounds. The main elements are carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, and oxygen. These comprise 96% of the human body, of which approximately 60% is water. We are carbon based. If a life form existed in a nitrogen base, the ammonia oceans would be an outstanding place to search. Imagine the exhilaration upon discovering a new life complex living there. The only drawback to overcome, would be to get past the fact that these magnificent creatures would smell like an old, used diaper. Phewy Pooey!

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