Moment ago, in a universe next door, existed a beverage entrepreneur who sold Glug to his customers of very diverse backgrounds and ethnic origins. Living in a land of free choice and capitalistic principles, the owner’s main goal was to sell as much Glug as possible, to as many creatures who had mouths in which to consume this drink. The motivating principle behind this venture was a form of currency called Moola. Moola made the world go round, so to speak, because creatures relied on its universal means of bartering or trading a service for a good according to prearranged values set by all the parties involved. If the Moola amount was too high, the customers disappeared. If too low, the vendor would fail to cover the overhead costs and would, in reality, be working for free. It works itself out in time automatically and is assisted by the use of a suggestive technique called advertising. Sunpennies (the beverage entrepreneur) advertised heavily to sell Glug at many locations, and all parties involved were pleased. The customers gave Sunpennies Moola for Glug and Sunpennies gave the customer a place to sit down and drink Glug if they wished. This sitting area cost Sunpennies Moola for the initial cost to build it. More Moola was required to pay for maintenance, utilities, future upgrades, and hush Moola to the Evil Empire that controls everything. All was good and all were content. One day, creatures that had no mouths entered Sunpennies and sat down at tables intended for Glug drinkers with the Moola to purchase it. The creatures were arrested, not because they had no mouths, but because they refused to give up their chairs to paying Glug consumers. This was not a public domain such as a park, but a private entrepreneur financed facility. The Evil Empire was alerted, and the Fake News trolls descended on the location like the flying monkeys that scooped up Toto in the WIZARD OF OZ. This universe waits for its outcome with apprehension. 

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