The insurance companies only goal is to make money, insane and incomprehensible quantities of it. They display their greed by building Taj Mahal corporate centers that compete with each other for exclusive excess. While one insurance company installs an amusement park in their palace for the enjoyment of their employees, another builds theirs on a PGA styled, manicured golf course. Yet a third builds hundreds of architectural blending buildings to mimic the plastic real estate of the game MONOPOLY. All of these structures require huge operating costs for these pompous properties and is built into the insurance premiums that customers pay for monthly. The cost of these premiums is broken down into mathematical formulas, known as algorithms, and determines the risks on insuring an individual. On the other hand, corporations that are attached to the medical industry (and its associated death division), enjoys putting their outrageous, Shangri-la compounds on top of a hill or within a lake-laced Garden of Eden for all to drool over. Like cemeteries with elaborate crypts and luscious landscaping, the demise of a human corpse is a ridiculously rich racket that requires external display, much like a peacock. Profits are squeezed out of the “recall gene” that eventually creeps into everyone’s world and shouts, “Hey you! Out of the (gene) pool.” Hospice care is a competition between the medical and insurance industries. The black suits (insurance executives) only allow the white coats (doctors) so much profit, and after X amount of medical intervention, shut them off. The chicken has been plucked, so it is off to the fryer. The first indicator that the end is near is when insurance companies approve the purchase of the death bed. This 3″ thick foam mattress is laden with internal absorbers to prevent the bodily fluids of a cadaver from leaking into bed mattress below. Once the death bed comes into the room, it’s curtains for the client.

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