As one approaches death, there is assistance provided by licensed institutions specializing in end of life medical, psychological, and spiritual care. These services can take place at hospitals, nursing homes, hospice centers, or even trained personnel can be sent to the patient’s home, if that is where they wish to die. This business is under constant scrutiny by government agencies because classic human behavior includes taking financial advantage of dying people or even mistreating them; just another stellar trait that needs to be listed on the resumes of Homo Sapiens. Included on the list of saintly human compassion is theft of painkillers and pharmaceuticals from the patients. Allowing a dying member of society to lose dignity by letting them wiggle around in their feces and urine. Stealing personal or valuable items from them. Whacking the tar out of them in acceptable ways (no visible bruises). And befriending them in such a manner to influence them into changing the will, whereas the new caregiver becomes the beneficiary.  When dying at home, the sick can push the compassionate limits of their immediate family to see if they have the mettle to inherit anything. Because of chronic human failure, the Humane Society may become the richest charity. In the course of transitioning humans from living to dying, jobs are created. Physical therapists are needed to assist them in how to kiss the worms, push up daisies, or kick the bucket. Sleep therapists are required to train them for their dirt nap. Dental hygienists will be available to clean their teeth when they bite the dust. Landscapers are standing by to transplant those on this side of the sod. On call will be real estate people who can handle the deed transfers when they buy the farm. Electricians are in the wings, ready to pull the plug. But if waiting is undesirable, then the teenager from China is called in. This youth in Asia (euthanasia) will get the job done quickly.

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