As the female gender transitions through eons of male dominated expectations, they slowly ply their expertise in male manupulation. Females have recorded into their memory banks, what the hell is really going on. They are quick to observe that a smile will get the doors ahead of them open with the expectation from the males that their draws (panties) will open. WRONG. The previous female generation that raised their batch of male children were looking out for the future females. They instilled into their sons that women are to be respected and animalistic behavior needs to go bye-bye. Also, the concept of date rape, along with feed and breed tactics, should go the way of the dinosaurs…. extinct. Nature was successful for many centuries with a purely chemical approach. As the female entered the ovulating state, a self-cleaning vaginal discharge would naturally cleanse the receptor cavity and prepare the female for a fertilization ritual prompted by the male who was chemically influenced by the hormones dispersed by her. Wham, bam thank you ma’am. Over the course of human sophistication that took eons of fine tuning, basic natural chemical responses have been overridden by behavior modification brought on by matriarchal interventions. In the beginning with very few human specimens available for breeding, the strong chemistry dictated the rules. But now with an overabundance of male homo slop-ians slithering around the planet, smart females are rewriting the rules. With women using sound judgement, males are more prone to blue ball outbreaks than ever before. However, the deep seated, raw drive to recreate the most desirable offspring can still overcome intelligence. The women who encounter the Brad Pitts, George Clooneys, Luke Evans, or Jamie Dornans have been influenced to selflessly surrender their skivvies to the rules of resistance and present their cathedral like camel toes to the Adonises for the absolute betterment of humankind. 

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