The sun dimmed and its color is shifting from golden yellow to a rusty red. The citizens of Epsilon 4 know all too well that their fate is sealed. The fuel stored within their star is running out, their sun is expanding, and their planet will soon be inundated from the expanding red giant that grows like a cancer. All attention is directed to saving their species by a quick exodus from their home base with no strategies for saving any other lifeforms that they are in command of. They are a capitalistic society, and the economics are harsh. Just gemstones and young denizens will board outbound starships and all other lifeforms will perish. As to the fate of the remaining captive human beings on Epsilon 4, it has been decreed that they are expendable. Even with the knowledge that the Elder humans back on Ganymede, without the Pacifist Gene implanted, have managed to annihilate themselves over the possession of the gemstones. Other than what’s left on their breeding planet/zoo, there are no more humans. The last bastion. The decision is final, and the last craft departs for a promising world in the Omega sector. The colony of OH-NO Sapiens abandoned on Epsilon 4 look to the skies and read its imposing omen. Soon they will be no more. As the expanding sun slowly cooks the occupants, they perish and release the extremely complex proteins that took over 6 billion years of evolution to concoct. The gemstones slowly start to form. As the last parents hug themselves in a final embrace, they watch as their only child lay protected in heat-resistant materials. Infused with the Pacifist Gene, they are unable to spare their offspring of its unbearable demise by mercy killing it. The baby’s screams are heard by no one and the final breath of the human race is forever silenced. Taking away man’s tenacity to survive by removing his killing instinct, along with leaving the killer gene totally intact, has sucked up all the seeds of survival. Adios, humans. 

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