As the spacecraft NINA exits the gravitational field of Ganymede, with its fresh load of harvested humans aboard, it veers away from the sun and plots a course to the edge of the Kuiper Belt. It will soon rendezvous with an intelligent life form from the Epsilon system of the Milky Way, where it is scheduled to conduct a trade with these creatures. Humans for gemstones. These imperfect humans have been bred defect and disease-free, but had embedded into their neurological system, Dr. Keem Marker’s Pacifist Gene. Imagine, OH-NO Sapiens with absolutely no anger or hatred issues. Just calm, loving, attentive souls who’ll breed at the drop of a hat. What more could an advanced civilization desire to restock their zoos with? Even the process of childbirth has been enhanced profoundly, so that the female human experiences the same sensations as a pellet bowel movement. What a delight. The payment for a complacent male/female pair is 2 kilos of gem quality rocks. With 100 couples aboard, the NINA’s profits will fill the Elder’s coffers to the bursting point. These old, hateful, human descendants from the now defunct Earth, that now reside on Ganymede, created the trade. They laugh at the so-called intelligent creatures, that trade gemstones for humans. Retards for rocks, they would joke. This universe is 13.8 billion years old and Humanoids are in reality, 6 billion years old. Their ancestors showed up on earth nearly 2 million years ago and are directly responsible for all gemstones formally found on earth. When a human dies, its complex organic chemistry reacts with common minerals in the ground. Anyplace on a rocky planet with gemstones, is an old gravesite of dead humans and centuries of chemical reactions produced these gems. With all the human taboos associated with the dead, who really digs under a known cemetery? Oh, the aliens do, after they bury their old, discarded human purchases and plant them in some future harvesting grounds. 

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