Orange Jesus (OJ Trump) is at it again. Pounding his chest and snorting, he tweets his intentions of wiping North Korea off the map. Boasting that South Korea will be an island as the Sea of Japan rushes in to meet the Yellow Sea, where that former country used to be. He proposed the new waterway to be called the Trump Straight or the Trump Straight Flush. He laughs. Being in the casino business, OJ is confident with his threatening bluff and expects the Koreans to back off. MISCALCULATION! The war drums pound incessantly as the Cree(AN)s send their squads across the border disguised as trinket vendors. They take up their prearraigned positions on Lakota Sioux reservations and start to unfold OPERATION: GENERAL CRUSTURD, a Sioux plan of attack. By having 450 US, ICBM’s scattered near Sioux land, the natives have found the weaknesses in the remote Minuteman 3 installations and have several tactics to neutralize them. The explosives used to accelerate the multi-ton blast doors out of the way of the soon to fire rocket are shot with multiple vent holes, so it lacks the energy to get the door completely out of the way, thus, impeding the weapon’s exit. The umbilical cords that connect the individual silos back to the command center can be cut with long post hole diggers. Innocent cattle troughs of salt water, that’s been in plain sight for many years, can be pumped into the silos creating 2 problems for the missile. 1) an electrically corrosive fluid is poured over a missile that was not designed to keep out this conductive fluid, and 2) this fluid, containing mostly water, will flash to steam when the solid rocket fuel ignites and will destroy the missile in the silo, thus, terminating its effectiveness as a weapon. 450 duds done in by small teams of camouflaged Cree(AN) commandos. This takes care of the first part of the nuclear triad and widens the eyes of the white warriors, just like the good old days of the Battle of the Little Bighorn. HOW?

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