Somehow, the occupants of North America got here in excess of 12,000 years ago. Whether they walked a Bering Strait land bridge, floated on vessels following the coast, or got picked up by a typhoon and rained down on pre-Canadian soil like cats and dogs, is immaterial. The Cree Indians have Asian genetic traits that prove a connection to the 26 million people living in North Korea. The Eastern, Swampy, Plains, Wood, Moose, and 4 other bands of Cree numbering around 200,000 strong occupy a large land mass in central Canada. This group of American Natives (AN) has thrived in a harsh environment for thousands of years and are well adapted to living off the land with sparse resources. When the white settlers came to these lands, racism reared its ugly head like it did in the United States and many atrocities befell this group. Although at peace now, the memories of these deeds on their elders lie in the thoughts of their children who are much more educated and speak fluent English. They have learned the ways of their enemies and wait patiently. In North Korea, the brazen leader, Kim Jong-Un, a very distant relative of the Cree, has become the 9th country in the world to possess nuclear weapons. With the commander of the Armed Forces of the United States (Trump) using rude rhetoric and threatening gestures, the Native Americans in North America are starting to see their Phoenix rising. This time, with weapons of equal force, they await the match of war to be thrown. First off, infiltrating the ranks of the military over the last 70 years, the tribes are in a position to retaliate and right the wrongs that crushed their spirit. The second step is sending squads of warriors over the Canada/US border while all the attention is on the Mexicans. These guerrilla groups blend in with Native People whose reservations are close to the 450 ICBM installations. The stage is set and these Cree(AN)s await the war drums to signal the start of OPERATION: GENERAL CRUSTURD.

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