The order is given: FLUSH OUT THE BOMBERS! As the pilots scramble to their aircraft, the nuclear bombs have been loaded into the plane’s birthing canals (bomb bays). Soon, they will deliver death from the skies of demise. Enroute, all electrical systems check out. The targets are locations in North Korea that were selected due to their threat values. Included are hydroelectric dams supplying power to military factories with hundreds of thousands of innocent people living downstream. Acceptable Collateral Damage. That’s how wars are fought since man has mastered the skies. The scientists have calculated that the nuclear explosion will flash a portion of the reservoir into steam, thus, limiting the flooding. No one asked what the radioactive water would do to the poor souls downstream, let alone the deadly steam raining all around the dam. The numbers are numbing. The bombers are closing in on their targets and are preparing to release the Genies of Execution. Bombs away. As the pilots turn and engage the afterburners to get the hell out of Dodge, the bombs go through their final safety checks. Are they free of the plane? Check, close switch. Are the global coordinates the same as those that were programed in? Check, close switch. Is the command code correct? Check, close switch. Is the altitude correct? Fizzle, and the switch is open. BOOM! The bombs land on target with the conventional explosives as the initiator, blowing the contraption to pieces. Radioactive plutonium is scattered in a small area. A few die, millions of people live. The Samsung company, a South Korean electronics firm, could not bring itself to incinerating their own brothers, so they supplied the US with defective safety switches that would pass tests but fail in final sequencing. The pail faces from the US and the USSR have been occupying their country since WW2 and split their country in the early 50’s. ENOUGH. The last leg of the triad is gone, the wolf’s days are numbered.

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