The Cree(AN)s, with the aid of their red brothers and their Korean cousins, have broken the back of the U.S. Military by destroying its triad of its offensive nuclear weapons. All that is left is conventional methods by which to kill and maim ordinary soldiers and innocent citizens. The US starts to mobilize a military buildup around bases and airfields and expects the guerrilla squads to do hit-and-run tactics on forward installations. But something strange is going on. The Cree(AN)s have retreated back into Canada and have nonchalantly discarded their weapons at the border. They have been observed gathering firewood and begin setting their trap lines in the black spruce forests. The Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces is hysterical. A small group of well-directed bands has disarmed a mighty country of its advanced weaponry and now has walked away to resume their normal lives. “Annihilate them all!” he screams as he directs his armies and Air Force to obliterate their strongholds in central Canada. Forward observers see only common people doing ordinary tasks that show no sign of aggression. “They’re up to something”, the commanders tell their troops, but real time videos reveal the truth. Air attacks are ordered in, but the sortie pilots see only tiny groups of unarmed Indians who wave at their passes. Contrary to direct orders, no shots are fired. Tanks are called up and observe a dozen unarmed tribesman preforming a religious rite and wait for the tanks to waste them. No shots are fired. The Generals are furious. When one threatens to court martial the whole company, all guns are trained on the General. There is a long silence. He lowers his head, drops his holster, and starts tearing off his medals off as he begins a long march home. The soldiers follow, abandoning millions of dollars of weaponry. The United States now waits for her enemies to invade her. No one shows. The paranoia created by the Industrial Military Complex was a hoax. 

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