The mystique surrounding the subtle workings of the female reproductive organs remained a heavily guarded secret that lasted for centuries. Men were terrified of a creature that bled for 5 days and did not experience death. Soon, men overcame their fear and did what men do best. They had sex with them. The men were unaware of the chemical trap nature had in store for them. Built into the female reproductive system are Skene’s glands that discharge fluid around the urethra (female urinary discharge duct). During sex, if stimulated enough physically, spasms causes the urethra to squirt urine. This is the female equivalent of accepting their mate by marking their territory. YOU ARE MINE. If stimulated emotionally, the Skene’s glands squirt a prostatic like fluid, similar to male semen. Absorbed through the penis skin or squirted directly into the male’s mouth, this hypnotic fluid has been theorized to radically alter a male’s thought process. This chemical makes its way to the brain via blood flow and enslaves the victim. The rest of his life is spent inseminating the queen at her discretion as she renews the chemical hold on his behavior, one squirt at a time. TILL DEATH DO YOU PART. The mind control over these SKENE MARINES (husbands) by their wives is legendary, and the military is looking into synthesizing this chemical for creating robotic, subservient soldiers. Nature does not give up its secrets or secretions easily. This classified information was leaked by a strip dancer named Candi who blurted out in a drunken stupor, “you wouldn’t believe what comes out of a vagina.” Nearby scientists overheard this rant and applied for a government grant to study this phenomenon. The study concluded that millions of years of evolution created a fantastic host/bacterial community that is absolutely amazing and formed a powerful venom that insures the survival of the species. The most incredibly stupefying thing that comes out of a vagina is ourselves. 

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