As the forces of fairness slowly converge on the ancient, evil ravaged Geindale, a new beginning for a town, that mimicked the Phoenix, is arising. From long ago human depravity that would sicken even Satan, good was building within. The uplift of release would soar above the old bloody grounds of a rural Indian slaughter sight and give new hope to the victims of barbaric rituals. With their spirits trapped in common cats, they slipped out of their feline prisons and overtook the pneumatic bodies of Christmas effigies scattered around Geindale. They waited patiently at the water’s edge where their last remains of their human form was discarded. They required the magic of the Great Grinch who wore a stovepipe hat full of sorcerer’s spells that would help free them. But they also needed the assistance of a whirling dervish dancer in the form of a magic mouse, who spun the dance of a 13th century mystic and poet named Rumi, the Sufi Muslim. The rotating mouse dance would cast off all the evil from within the soul and empty the heart for freedom and peace to enter. When the 2 figures are brought together, a sacred ritual ensues, and only then can the souls of the victims be released. It is at this moment that the lost latex vessels are abandoned and returned to their rightful owners. As for the perpetrators, known as the POWs that created this scenario, higher powers have sentenced them to pure hell. They are forever forced to run gambling casinos and deal daily in an ugly human sin, known as greed. These green paper mongers fill their modern teepees with the dregs of society who are forever trapped in trying to flee their stagnant lives, looking for happiness in a pot of gold. The real beauty is not the material crap that one adorns themselves with, but rather the journey up that rainbow where the view of all the earth’s delights is visible. This is the magic of Christmas. A smiling child’s face that lights up brighter than any golden quarry ever sought. 

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