As the Christmas decorations go up with LED lights, lasers, and inflatable latex biblical and folklore figures, the jubilant citizens compete with each other in a frenzy for favor. The residential neighborhoods are awash with displays that cause the Oak Creek Power Plant to consume a mountain of coal to ignite the celestial displays and keep them glowing all through the night. There are blower-driven reindeers, elves, manger scenes with farm animals, seasonally adjusted comic strip figures such as old Micky Mouses and more modern Smurfs, and a ton of Santas. Any movie that was ever produced, and had cartoon characters, will now flood the front yards of these homes with residing children that took a liking to these fictional fellows. The combined effect of all these air inflated displays is a constant increase in atmospheric pressure that will keep out low pressure weather fronts seeking to dump cooling storms in the region. Christmas decorations are the real reason for global warming. But in Geindale, this is not an issue. The problem lies in its violent past with the former residents who killed and cannibalized neighboring tribes and released their tormented souls into the region’s cats. The possessed cats have no compassion and only rub on their human handlers to reinforce their laziness to hunt and trick the bipeds into feeding and preening them. It is the former Indigenous people residing in these feline figures that is causing this bad behavior. During the Christmas season, as the cold moon appears, signifying the coming winter’s solstice, the spirits are driven out of the cats and steal the bodies of the inflated figures. In the middle of the night, they congregate in the woods of Scout Lake and await their final resting place of peace. The only vehicles of salvation are a tall cat like creature named Grinch and a dancing mouse that appear slowly to help the hapless inhabitants of Scout Lake reach their final resting place at the Great Council Grounds.

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