During the reign of the most magnificent beasts that ever roamed the Earth, the dinosaurs, Planet 4A was a resort oasis. Overworked and overheated T-Rexes and Brontosaurus would plunk down huge sums of money and walk through the transporter in their journey to the cooler 4A to get away from it all. Upon arriving, the service crew, comprised of Velociraptors, would swaddle the new arrivals in vibrant, multicolor sweaters, known as Muumuus, to protect them from the 50-degree differential of the portal entrances. 55-gallon drums of hot spiced rum would be served to relax and break the inhibitions of the new arrivals. Loud jungle drums would beat out tunes that would gyrate the thunder lizards’ limbs into dancing motions. Soon all the bouncing behemoths would join in a large dance floor and a frenzy of fantasy would unfold. T-Rexes would try to limbo under a tree pulled over by a Triceratops, and as they attempted to clear the obstacle, the tree would be pulled lower. The whole dance floor erupted into laughter as the T-Rexes toppled over. Next a group of Styracosaurus would break dance in unison. Their athletic prowess wowed the crowd and got the more reserved Centrosaurus to get up on their hind legs and hike up their muumuus filling the room with pheromones. The dance hall was absolutely electric, and all the dinosaurs danced their horns and armor off. Love filled the floor and couples raced off to explore each other’s reproductive organs. Foreplay consisted of dinosaurs eating dinosaurs and culminated in some explosive sex. Creature diversity through cross breeding and procreation resulted in a species that survived for millions of years. They would still be here if it were not for some stupid oaf named Barney, who crashed the party with his errant, gravitational wave. Amongst the rubble in the asteroid belt, lies thousands of dinosaur fossils scattered about. Their muumuus long stripped away by the solar winds. A sad ending for a cool species. 

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