When a severe crime is committed, society dictates that the perpetrator be punished by being incarcerated. In America, the Constitution dictates that one is innocent until proven guilty or is automatically innocent if huge caches of money or political connections exist. Examples of the above are Richard Nix-son, Clearance Thomas, and Brett Savagenaugh. For the rest of us, the Constitution applies. With the introduction of a Chinese issued virus, the rules have changed. Now to protect the masses, quarantine measures have been placed on innocent citizens to try and halt the spread of the little infectious agent who may have spilled out of a weapons laboratory. The decree is commendable and possesses common sense, but the aim is misguided. Instead of self-incarcerating the victims, place the little thugs in solitary confinement. Build tiny little virus prisons in rural America, or better yet, in some foreign country, so the tiny creeps can’t infect the innocents. It couldn’t cost much to imprison a trillion of these bad hombres because they would all fit in a Denny’s saltshaker. The Mormans could win government contracts to feed them, thus generating jobs and wealth. This would kick start our economy and give our protestors options for employment in the US Viral Prison System. The fact that this option hasn’t hit the floor in Washington speaks volumes of a potential cover-up and political web-weaving. These viral ties go deep into the roots of govern-mental connections producing the weeds of injustice. Stop incarcerating the innocent, hardworking, tax paying citizens that are creating shortages in rubbing alcohol and toilet paper, and redirect the assault on the true enemy, those vile viruses. Sever the ties between politicians and their heavily entrenched viral bedfellows. This country needs to come clean on this issue and bomber squadrons need to be launched to drop bunker buster bombs on Washington DC, loaded with exploding warheads of hand sanitizers. 

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