Michelle Mosquito stood in an unusual mosquito posture, tail up and head much higher up. Next to her, in a Petrie dish, was quiet Mary Mosquito. Born into 41 different genera that is composed of 3,500 different species, it is much more diverse than humans. Michelle, infused with malaria by her good friends at the new Plum Island facility (a nondescript location in an industrial park in Nowhere, USA), waits patiently for her release. Mary has been selected for a gut full of Zika virus and is treated differently than Michelle. Malaria has been around for centuries, killing its victims in tropical locations. Michelle has, parked in her intestines, a more potent strain that will begin killing people in the much colder regions of the world. It’s known as Algific Malaria. It is targeted at Russian soldiers who man remote, mobile ICBM missile launchers in Siberia. She is also equipped with a genetically modified proboscis that is twice as long as her grandparents. This is to ensure penetrating extra layers of clothing on their intended targets. It is also why she holds her head so high and has given the nickname, THE QUEEN. As Michelle starts a conversation with her cell mate, she has an aristocratic way that prods a response out of Mary. “So, what’s your specialty my dear?” asked THE QUEEN. Mary responded with an attitude that suggested defiance. “I have a much more practical purpose than taking out ICBM launchers”. “How’s that, child”, Michelle responds. “Well, no one is going to launch a nuke. It’s insane. The threat of total devastation has been at man’s back door for 75 years and no one has pulled the trigger. He’s stupid, but not suicidal. He’d rather fight conventional wars and make mega money than trudge along in a burned-out world. “I’m here to create humans with little heads. In conventional wars, the average soldier is king. With full body armor, only the head is vulnerable, and with tiny heads, they’re harder to kill”. THE QUEEN was speechless. 

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