News flash! The idea of using mosquitoes to transport incapacitating or deadly diseases to humans was not a futuristic science suggestion, but rather a bona-fide cold war project, secretly carried out by the US military starting in 1952. The Plum Island installation was a former fort off the coast of Long Island that was converted into an Army Chemical testing laboratory the year the US blew off its first thermonuclear detonation in the South Pacific. Nine months later, the Soviets reciprocated, and paranoia ran rampant in US politics. Defense contractors stood in line in Washington, DC to get lucrative contracts to find the best ways to kill the “commies”. Complete disregard for safety was at the forefront because of rushed schedules and ignorance of the technology being developed. Plum Island was under the disguise as a hoof and mouth research center because it was on an island. Along with researching the destruction of the enemy’s food (meat) supply, efforts were underway to utilize mosquitoes as an effective delivery system for biological warfare. They knew how deadly they are at spreading malaria. Also on the agenda was the use of new viruses that were tried out in Vietnam. Napalm was used prodigiously to destroy the evidence. After the war, in 1975, Lyme’s disease using deer ticks (a grounded mosquito) as the conveying means started to surface. Then, in 1999, West Nile virus showed up in dead blackbirds first, then made its way into unfortunate human victims. It later showed up as mosquito borne because untainted mosquitoes would bite the infected birds and then themselves, distribute it. That is precisely why they were chosen. They make superb, indiscriminate, flying hyperdermic needles. Plum Island has been dismantled as a research facility and has been turned over to HOMELAND SECURITY. The real truth will be made available to the common, trusting public just as soon as their study is complete. HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! 

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