Humans, by design, are perceptive creatures that utilize their observational skills to arrive at a favorable outcome for themselves. An example would be as an early hunter; they would forgo a quick kill on a quarry and continue to watch their behavior to learn more about their quest’s reactions to certain stimuli. If the hunter initiated a noise, they would watch the herd’s response to see how they’d react. In time, armed with this knowledge, instead of one kill that barely fed the clan, the hunters were dispersed in preassigned locations that accurately predicted the game’s behavior and several animals were taken at once, fending off starvation for weeks. This innate comprehension stayed with man as he progressed through time. Today, the quarry is the older generation, and the reward is their money. This aging generation usually has more of this desirable wealth in protected places. Their stash includes stocks, bonds, CD’s, bank accounts, precious metals, property, jewelry, art, antiques, and cash. It is these assets that puts the aging at risk from subtle scams to murder that will rob them of their money. With a failing physique that prevents them from fight or flight mode, these elderly need full time protection. So, to address this situation, the TAZER SUIT was invented. This garment can fire untethered electrical probes into their intended targets by thought alone. Firing in a 360° direction, with a range of 100 yards and hundreds of projectiles on board, the TAZER SUIT can bring equality to a situation. Issued at 65, along with their Medicare card, the old are no longer prone to discrimination. Any disrespect or threat to the geriatric, and the decision to launch a paralyzing electrical rod into the perpetrator becomes their unrevokable right. Teenagers, offspring, salesmen, aggressive drivers, and crooks, beware, required respect has returned. The alternative is a jolting body spinning on the floor, lubricated by drool, urine, and fecal grease. 

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