Flying thru the skies, rumbling along on rails, swaying with the waves, and riding the rubber-tired people movers are a slew of tourists that are enroute to historical sites where many people have died. Armed with itineraries, cameras, and perhaps a small spoon to scoop up hallowed ground, these morbid mammals are crisscrossing the planet to view man’s mistakes and murders just so they can tell you, “I WAS there! Where and when it started is unknown, but you can bet that nearly any place on earth, someone got killed by accident, or on purpose, and now travel agents can set you up with a complete vacation, including postcards to view these curious sites. World War 2 battle sites are popular in Europe, but the concentration camps pull in concentrated crowds. Where death and torture prevailed, by Satan, there will be an interested gang that will drop thousands in cash just in case someone missed a tooth that was yanked from the victim’s head.  Popular ones now are the Chernobyl site, the World Trade Towers, and government massacres of citizens in excess of 23 victims. A location of 22 dead is just not enough incentive to go. As the population increases and more civil unrest erupts, hotel and fast-food chains will break ground for their businesses just as soon as the yellow investigation tape is pulled down. Morbid minds want to know. As the COVID-19 Virus outbreak racks up numerous victims, Southworst Airlines will fly chartered aircraft, with full flights of N95 mask wearing passengers just to go visit the ground zeroes of where the virus grabbed hold. Hand sanitizers are to be included. If a nuclear war breaks out, the rich survivalists who purchased underground bunkers, have a 50% discount on future tours of what is left of New York City. A piece of melted copper from the Statue of Liberty is promised to the 1st 1,000 visitors. If it got vaporized from a direct hit, melted pennies will be issued. Tourists are stupid and wouldn’t know the difference. 

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