No one knows for sure when the last affluent bastard was taken away from their privileged lifestyle and condemned to a slow, lonely death like those countless souls that died under their influence. The living thought it best that time just rinse away the history of the abominations that occurred in the last 7 millenniums of man’s reign. Two centuries have passed since the Neutron Bomb Wars transpired. The first 100 years were spent mopping up any entrenched outposts of wealth that tried to bring back the status quo of the past. The last century has seen a planet void of wars on all 7 continents. Without disparity between groups, anger, and hence, revenge has left the human brain for good. Time is primarily spent being saturated in edification and illumination of the mind that resulted in improvements for mankind. Among them, good health is now an irrevocable right. The common cold no longer plagues the human race as viruses are controlled with nuisance cancellation technology. Twinkies have a shelf life of 2 days and contain ass-fat eating bacteria. There are no traffic jams as people now travel on magic carpets. Space travel has been cancelled; the vast majority of its development was only for a weapons delivery system. No sense wasting all those efforts to repopulate the race elsewhere, wars are all gone. All vegetables taste like candy. 3D printers linked to central chemical stockpiles grind out the whims of anyone, from a ripe strawberry to a teakwood surfing board. Entertainment consists of watching yourself in the mirror because you are just so damn happy to be here. There is only good news. Everyone works because they want to, and no one gets paid. Money is a forgotten memory. Hatred has been bred out and content fills the vacuum. Greed has disappeared and compassion is now the foundation of all life. Death still exists, but no one ever dies of the weapons of the past. The major cause of death now is excessive happiness.

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