The assassination squad pulled up to the mansion of Edward Vincent Ian Lemke, the third, and instantly surrounded the stone walled compound. The security team that was hired to protect the Lemke family was absent and unaccounted for. Born from the survivors of the NEUTRON BOMB WARS, they lacked aggression in battle and love of money that would have kept them at their posts. They merely looked at all the facts objectively and when faced with the possibility of injury or even death, they just walked away to continue their lives in a peaceful bliss. This left the Lemke mansion undefended and forced the owners into hiding. The Lemke’s fortune was derived from making machines that cut spiral grooves into rifle barrels. From 22 caliber on up to 16-inch battleship guns, it was probably a Lemke machine that cut in those helix furrows, that spun those projectiles, that accurately found their targets, and killed thousands of poor military minions. The Lemke Corporation grew rich and powerful and saw their operations as a humanitarian effort. After all, it was the enemy they were annihilating, but prior to the war, it was Lemke machines they were selling to them. The assassination squad, upon combing the grounds, rounded up 4 members of the landscape crew that stayed on. They reported that the Lemke family had departed for Russia, a haven for the hunted and left days ago. The interrogator noticed how clean their fingernails were and their jewelry was too opulent for their trade. The Lemkes were located. By a prior decree to rid the world of the rich for their propensity to line their pockets with the lives of the poor, their fate was sealed. The mansion’s vault was located in the basement disguised as a wine cellar. The Lemkes were led in with ample water and a vat of termite microbes that can turn cellulose (money) into food. The door was closed and welded shut. The answer to ‘if the rich ate their own money to stay alive’ is buried within those vault walls. 

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