In the final days of warm evenings in late August, the anxious deer hunters start baiting their deer herds with their secret concoctions of flavoring added to that incredible invention called Tannerite. Sold as a binary explosive in small quantities, it is a two-part packet that contains one part fuel/catalyst of powdered aluminum and titanium with zirconium hydride. The other is an oxidizer that contains ammonium nitrate and ammonium percolate. Mix the two together, slam it with a hammer, shoot it with a shotgun or other low velocity weapon, throw a flame source to it, or induce an electrical charge through it and you get: absolutely nothing. However, introduce a high velocity missile (bullet) into the mix that compresses rapidly, and you have an explosive reaction that gives off a large report and gaseous vapor trail. The perfect tool for bringing down a deer immediately and recovering the meat. The only drawback is the venison steaks will be hamburgerized. A small price to pay for a 93% carcass recovery. Baiting the deer in late summer guarantees a sufficient quantity of Tannerite to be stored in the fat reserves of the deer by gun hunting season and does not affect the old method of hunting by bow and arrow. After one month of baiting, sufficient quantities of Tannerite will be embedded in the animal, making any type of high-powered rifle hit a fatal one. The vapor flash and the accompanying bang will alert the hunter to go claim his kill as it has dropped on the spot. Also, a large spray of blood will be on nearby foliage aiding the recovery location. Gutting a deer will be a thing of the past as the blast wave will drive the intestinal tract out the path of least resistance, which is downward through the stomach cavity and into the ground. As the efficiency arose at deer harvest time, a study conducted by the DNR revealed a new frightening statistic, the death rate of human hunters went up. Some nimrods were too close to the kill. 

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